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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The majority of people now use the Internet as their first resource when looking for the goods and services they want.  Having a great-looking website for your business is necessary to compete, but it is no longer sufficient.  Your site needs to be easily visible to prospective customers – that means a high ranking on search engines, particularly Google.  


Why trust Civano Web Design with your SEO?

Civano Web Design provides result-oriented search engine optimization services that help businesses to be noticed by new customers.   We have experience in implementing well-accepted, proven SEO techniques that help businesses to achieve the highest ranking possible for their specific market in organic searches.

We can review your current website and make recommendations to improve your ranking on the search engines.  For new sites, SEO is designed in from the start.  This will maximize your website visibility on Google, helping your business reach the widest possible audience.

SEO – Organic Search

The ideal webpage should be well-written and well-organized to wow your prospects, but it also needs to be well-structured with the knowledge of how search algorithms rank the page.  We can help you with a skillful blend of the two resulting in a webpage that looks great to both customers and Google.  

Also important is the meta-data – the “behind-the-scenes” information not seen on the webpage itself, but used by Google and the other search engines to evaluate your page.  Here too, the optimal meta-data wording must be a skillful blend because parts are used by the search engine in the results they display in organic search.  For example, the title and description should entice the viewer to visit your website instead of your competition’s site.

According to Google, relevant, well-organized content (the inherent value of the webpage) is the most important factor when they rank a website.  We can also help with the other aspects of SEO including in-bound link generation, social media optimization, and competitive analysis.


Pay Per Click Management
(Google AdWords)

Often there are circumstances when it is advisable to supplement SEO work with paid advertising.  For example, it may be difficult for a brand new website (with a new domain) to achieve a high ranking due to the fact that search engines tend to favor websites that have been around a few years. Certain business markets may be extremely competitive, again making it tough to break through to the first page.

Search engine optimization per se targets only organic search results, not paid or "sponsored" results such as Google AdWords.  The example in the figure shows the first page results for the keyword search “tucson small business website design” with the organic results circled in blue. The AdWords results, circled in red, are advertisements that link to the business websites.  Payment to Google is only triggered by a click on the ad, hence the term “pay per click” (PPC).

Civano Web Design has experience in establishing and managing AdWord campaigns for clients and in assessing when PPC makes sense.  We will help ensure that your PPC budget dollars are spent wisely.

search engine results example

SEO Measurement – Google Analytics

One tried and true management method to promote success is to measure the results. The first obvious SEO measure is page rank – are you prominent on page one, or mired back on page four.  More importantly, is your Google search placement resulting in traffic to your website.  We recommend Google Analytics because it is a powerful tool and it is free.  With Google Analytics enabled on your site, you will know the traffic volume, the sources of the visits, and a wealth of detailed information.  It is particularly powerful when used with AdWords in determining the relative value to your business of organic search verses PPC.   

Civano Web Design – A common sense approach to SEO

Call to see how a modest investment in search engine optimization could improve your Internet visibility.  Examples of successful SEO campaigns available on request.